Live Guitarist for Weddings

Singing Guitarist Ken Warrick will make your wedding ceremony or cocktail hour magical on the California Central Coast.

Making Personal Memories Special Through Music

Streamlined Booking and Planning

Professional, Punctual, Creative and Dependable

Are you concerned that having live music may create more stress?

Are you in doubt about finding live music that will appeal to all of your guests?

Are you unsure about the right blend of music for each of the stages of your wedding?

Ken was with us every step of the way in planning our musical needs. His performance was “Heartfelt and entertaining”. He knew how to fill in those awkward spots when the schedule went off-script. A true professional.

Chris & Carol B.

‘The Ken Show’ Brings Top Quality Live Entertainment

To The Wedding You Desire

Starting with the booking process, to the planning of the songs, and then to performing those carefully selected songs for your special day. You can put your anxiety on hold because you know you’ve placed your trust in a professional. You will be happy and relieved with the experienced professionalism you receive. Over the years I’ve played 100’s of shows and events in a variety of venues. Each performance is always a learning experience and has educated me as a musician and business professional. I am passionate about making sure all my clients are happy with the process and the results. Professionalism is not just a word for me, it is a commitment – Your experience will be seamless and easy from start to finish.  My back story is built on the Entertainment & Hospitality Industry, Musician, Host, Officiant, Tour Director & Guide, (International Tour Operator)  Event Planning, and Customer Service.

50+ years of experience in all aspects of the “Music/Entertainment Business”. A musician who has toured for several years as a solo act and with bands, performing at Corporate functions, County Fairs, Concert Venues, Private Parties, Clubs, and Worship Services. I’ve also worked with top music & event planning companies.

Confidence is what you need to move through your event. Working with me you have someone who is “Solution Oriented”. Not only am I an “Entertainer/Musician/Host” but I am also an “Officiant”. So for instance, if a mishap should occur, like your (Minister/Pastor is stuck in traffic) you have a backup. Perhaps the Caterer is running late I can adapt and modify the music program to avoid that awkward break in the days “Script” and no one will know!

My mission statement to you is to find the best solution for all involved. This is your special day you deserve to have the best outcome.  Success comes from good planning, hard work, communication, persistence, and desire.


“Ken was amazing to work with. He provided lots of input on what songs to consider. He also had ideas regarding timelines and what to expect if things get off track. He helped us have an amazing ceremony”

Micki W.

Mother of the Groom

A wedding is one of the most important days if not “The most important day” of a couple starting life together. Expectations and emotions are peaking. Each decision is a major step and a commitment.

My top priority and promise is to work to provide you with an event that will provide memories for a lifetime.

My role is to build the “soundtrack” for your special day.

My desire it to make what seems impossible, possible.

My goal is to turn your requests into realities.

I will do my best to make sure you are seen, heard, and valued.

Your wedding is more than a moment, it’s a memory.

How To Book Ken Warrick

Step 1:

Check for availability and get a quote.

Fill out the form with your name, email, phone number, date of the event, the venue, what type of music you’re looking for, and anything to help get the most accurate and most custom-fit booking.

Step 2:

Book with a contract and deposit

After we discuss the details and requests, a digital contract of the details will be sent to you for a 50% deposit (the remaining balance will be due one week before)

Step 3:

Finish Planning YourEvent

I’ll be in contact with you to see how you’re doing and how the details are unfolding 2 weeks before ” The Day of the Event”. This is to ensure things are stress-free and going smoothly for you! On the day of the event, you’ll walk into a phenomenal experience of memorable live music and heartwarming moments for you and your loved ones! Lastly, I’m just a phone call/text message away if you have additional questions.

So how do you know that you’re getting the best talent and professional live music for your special day? Patience, professionalism, pristine performance, clear communication, flexibility, and respect for your time is what I bring to the table. It’s my top priority to deliver to you a memorable and magical event!

Hi, I’m Ken Warrick a solo “Singing Guitarist”. There are musicians who “will play weddings” and then there are “Musicians who work at creating a successful and memorable event”. It’s a special skill set that’s required to do the latter. It’s more than just having music. It’s about the “Soundtrack” of the special event. Have you ever watched a movie with no music? It can be very dull, but add just the right songs, at the right time, and you “earmarked” a moment in time.

Planning your event is no simple task. So many things can be overlooked by the “Rose Colored Glasses” of the event. The dream of it all, and the passion that goes into it feels so fulfilling. Yet the process and room for chaos, and all the stories racing through your mind throughout the process can seem overwhelming. I have arranged and hosted multiple events! Live music bookings can be a real challenge. With so many decisions and choices to make, the songs and genre. The questions of whether the musicians will be professional, well rehearsed, on time, dressed well, and are easy to work with. It can be confusing and stressful! That’s where I come in and lay those fears to rest.

All of this work that nobody sees is invested just for one magical day and it requires a special team! Your “Wedding Coordinator” is one part, and backing them up so that things run smoothly at the “Front of the House” is the person you choose to “Host and provide the musical ambiance and soundtrack”, always moving, like the rhythm of a train rolling on through the night to the final destination. So many details and moving parts. It’s magical when they work together, creating something beautiful. An event that people will rave about for years!

You have waited a lifetime for this.  You deserve an outstanding event.  Let’s plan this journey to your successful day with outstanding live music together